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Take Courage!

This is for you moms out there on the front lines. Take courage. You have been entrusted with a holy calling. You are a warrior for the kingdom raising up the next generation to step up to the battle lines. Your work is significant and not meaningless; don’t let the devil diminish your worth to the kingdom! What a priceless privilege to pour into His precious children as only you can, as their most important ally, their mother. You may ask, “How can I possibly protect and raise my children to love Jesus in this dark world?” You were born for such a time as this. God hand-picked you for your children in the here and the now. Use your spiritual armor to protect your children as you help them to develop theirs. Stay strong, pray long and keep your eyes on the One who will give you the strength, courage, and knowledge you need for this kingdom work. You are seen and prayed over and loved dearly by all of us, your fellow warriors.


The Unshakable Women

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