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Listening for God

As I was going about my to-do list of mundane chores this morning, God whispered. I was driving to the HEB when I realized I had not put my phone in its usual place in the holder, where I have easy access to controls and viewing. I play Apple Music with the words scrolling, so I drive worshiping karaoke style. With it in my purse, I was forced to purposefully listen to the words. Worship went to a whole new level when I had to listen and focus on what I was singing. Purposefully listening. How profound is that? Listening with the purpose of hearing, not for anticipating what's next or tuning out because you know what's going to be next. I felt the Lord saying, "This, my child, is how you will hear Me. Going about your day, purposefully listening for Me in the everyday. Prayer is much more listening and saying, 'Your servant is listening; speak to me, Lord.'"

May we all commit to purposefully listening, to hearing our Lord!


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